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Noise Questions & Answers

Noise Questions & Answers

Noise Questions & Answers

Are there harmful effects of constant listening to music with headphones?

Dynamics of modern headphones can reproduce sound with a frequency of up to 105 dBA whereas noise of 80 dBA is considered harmful for human body. Prolonged exposure to noise is dangerous as the specific muscles in the middle ear can`t prevent the penetration of such strong sound waves into the inner ear. First comes the fatigue, and then we observe a hearing loss. Listening to music at high volume while commuting is really harmful for health.

 What means of noise protection should be available at work?

There are many means of protection against noise in the workplace: headphones, ear protectors, earphones with fastening on protective helmets, helmets themselves etc. A choice of the hearing protection device depends on the frequency spectrum of the noise as well as on the requirements and standards for its limitation. You should also take into account its convenience of usage in a particular work situation and current conditions. Individual tolerability also plays a significant role in that. If it is impossible to use an ear defender throughout the work shift, it is recommended that one should use it at least periodically. It will help you partially restore the sensitivity of the ear and reduce its fatigue.

Can one learn to ignore the noise?

The ear, in general, has an ability to adapt to the noise, but that does not mean that the noise doesn’t affect us anymore. Many turn on music not to be bothered by the noise. This is even more harmful to the ear, as , no matter  unnoticed, the noise impact is only growing.

Which noise can harm most: railway noise, traffic noise or the noise of air transport?

The noise of cars and motorcycles is registered up to 80 dBA, the noise of the train - 90 dBA, noise of air transport - up to 110 dBA. In this case, one can not definitely say what kind of noise is more or less harmful for people. What is more important, is how long and often one in the area of excessive noise exposure is.

Where to appeal if the neighbors keep making repairs for the past few years?

It`s permitted to make repairs in the time officially approved by the Federation Resolution of a sub-federal entity i.e. usually not before 9 am and no later than 7 pm in the evening on weekdays. In general, the repair work should not last longer than 3 months. It`s prohibited to use tools that excess noise standards established for premises (55 dBA). A special organization monitors compliance with those rules, the organization carries out measurements and records violations in a report. The police are in charge of reports on peace and order violation processing. Anyway, before you appeal somewhere, you need to determine exactly who of the neighbors is at fault, and try to deal with him /her diplomatic ways. In case you have any doubts about legality of repair, you  should fill out an application for a checkout procedure to be launched.

Can vinyl windows completely protect your apartment from the noise of the highway outside?

Ordinary vinyl windows if installed correctly and hermetically can somewhat reduce the noise pollution from the outside. However, the rooms need more ventilation, especially in hot weather. It`s senseless to talk about any sound insulation having one`s small window open. There are special soundproof glass units that can provide greater noise reduction. The problem is they turn to be effective only when the window is fully closed, and other possible sources of noise penetration from the road (gaps in the ceiling, etc.) are eliminated.

Can the computer noise harm your child`s health?

Computer noise itself is considered to be harmless for children. However, it might be harmful if a child spends a lot of time in front of the computer, especially with headphones. The level of sound in the latter while playing games or listening to music may exceed the norm several times. Children aged 6-7 years are allowed to spend no more than 20 minutes (a day) by the computer. If necessary, older children are allowed to sit by the computer up to 40 minutes. Don’t forget to control the volume and make 15-20 minute breaks.

Does the noise affect my child`s academic performance?

Voice creates a noise level of about 75 dB, when crying it can come up to 88 dBA. Same refers motorbike and train noise. Imagine what is going on during the break in school: all the separate sounds form the one noisy background. The impact of the latter has a cumulative effect. Consequently, It can affect children causing severe fatigue and stress. Children are unable to distract themselves from the environment, so they can not focus when performing difficult assignments.

I`m having headaches, can noise be the reason?

Indeed, a high pitched or continuous noise that exceeds normal levels is known to cause severe fatigue. This directly leads to headaches. If you are in a noisy place, try to protect your ears from the unnecessary extraneous sounds.

What should be done if you think you have hearing loss?

You need to protect yourself, as quickly as possible, from any sources of strong noise and consult an audiologist to test hearing. With your help, he will diagnose the cause of the hearing loss and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Also, the doctor will consult you on how to prevent hearing loss in the future.