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NEW MATERIAL! Noico Super 80 mil

NEW MATERIAL! Noico Super 80 mil

Auto Sound Deadener Sound Control Silver is a self-adhesive flexible and elastic sound deadener with improved sound deadening features.  

80 Mil Butyl Rubber Sound Deadener for the price of 50 Mil!

The thicker - the better!

1.5 better vibration dampener!

1.5 better sound insulation!

1.5 better thermo insulation!   

 Sound Control Silver is a great choice for the car your love the most! 

Made in Europe, not in China!


The Effect

The improved premium butyl-rubber formula and great flexibility of this sound control deadening mats gives you the most comfortable feeling of installation and riding your car with brightened car audio sound along with elimination of road and engine noise.


Benefits & Features:

Reduce Vibrations

Stop Noise

Reduce Heat

Sound Deadener

Great Car Audio Sound

Resistant to Water and Oil

Very Easy to Apply (Self-Adhesive)


The surface needs to be cleaned of any dust, grease and oil before application. Premium Butyl Sound Proofing Mat Sound Control Silver is flexible, elastic and extra sticky. Self-adhesive layer will ensure tight grip to the chassis. The flexibility of Premium Sound Control Deadener Mats Sound Control Silver allows mounting on a flat or curved surface.


Technical specifications:

9 sheets of Auto Sound Deadener Sound Control Silver 

Sheet size: 19,7” x 29,5” 

Total coverage area: 36 sq ft

Thickness: 80 mil

Water resistance: does not absorb moisture

80 Mil Butyl Rubber Sound Deadener for the price of 50 mil. The thicker - the better!