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About us

We offer premium quality sound control products at the best price possible that, all in all, will gain you the most convenient feeling of installation and riding your car with the improved quality of audio system with no road noise, engine noise or general rattle from panels and trim.

The superb flexibility of this material allows for usage on the complex surfaces while providing the ultimate vibration damping and heat protection along with twice as more effective performance comparing to general sealants. These materials are water-proof and greatly contribute to defense against corrosion, preventing any water and oxygen from engaging with the vehicle body. High rates of noise reduction and low thermal conductivity allow it to be the best in automotive sound insulation among vibration-absorbing materials.

We currently feature more than 10 products on the American market. We are constantly involved in continuous quality improvement and expansion of our product range to give the maximum satisfaction to our customer needs.
The fact that our products are consistently in " Top 10 " on among Best Sellers in Insulation & Noise Control is a living proof that we are certainly going a right direction.

Noico sound deadening materials:
— guaranteed quality
— noise reduction
— temperature control
— great price

Noico is all about choosing a great quality at reasonable price!